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  • Tuesday, November 5, 2019

    The Influential Leader Series - METHODIST EMPLOYEES ONLY

    9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

    Repeats weekly until 11/26/19

    Registration is closed.

    Class Description

    As a leader in your organization, your job is to achieve goals by working with and through others. In this role, your ability to influence the thoughts and actions of your associates is critical. Best Care EAP’s unique, four-part training series has been designed to give you the perspective, knowledge, tools and experiences necessary to become a truly influential leader.

    Session One: Influential Leaders PERSUADE
    There are only three ways to get people to do what you want/need them to do: 1) you can coerce them; 2) you can bribe them; OR 3) you can persuade them. Only persuasion produces long-lasting, positive results. In his session you will learn :

    • Why trust is crucial
    • How to build and sustain trust
    • How to recognize and ethically apply the Six Principles of Persuasion

    Session Two: Influential Leaders INSPIRE
    Influential leaders learn that prompting others to effective action is often more about engaging hearts than winning minds. This is also known as being emotionally intelligent. In this first session you will sharpen your emotional intelligence (EQ) by assessing your current level of EQ using The Emotional Intelligence Appraisal™. Recent research, individual coaching and other leaning opportunities (including a short homework assignment) will allow you to:

    • Define emotional intelligence
    • Apply time tested strategies for accessing and directing the power that emotions give us
    • Respond appropriately in a variety of emotionally-charged situations

    Session Three: Influential Leaders COACH
    Coaching is the arena within which influential leaders most regularly apply their powers of persuasion. Building on lessons drawn from the previous two sessions, this program will help you discover empowering answers to the following questions:

    • How do you create and maintain a coaching relationship
    • How can you use or adjust your leadership style to be a more effective coach?
    • How will you go about encouraging and supporting your team to accomplish goals ?
    • How do you coach through the detours and challenges that come up on the way to achieving goals?
    • When you have only ten minutes to coach, how do you make that precious time count?

    Session Four: Influential Leaders PLAN
    It’s time for you to take the wheel! During this final hands-on session, you will:

    • Set SMART goals for influencing organizational outcomes
    • Anchor your achievement by: crafting an action plan that pinpoints people and resources, setting realistic timelines, and developing measureable milestones
    • Receive highly valuable feedback that will spell the difference between success and failure

    CEU hours are available!  Visit Methodist College for information.


    BestCare EAP Training Center, 9239 W Center Rd, Omaha, NE 68124

    Class time

    Registration opens at 8:45 am
    Class begins at 9 am